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Steve I want to thank you and your crew for the outstanding job you did on replacing our roof in Largo. Not only did you complete the job in a timely manner, all of your employees were courteous, kept our property clean and truly looked like they were proud of there work. Many roofing companies today hire day labor etc to cut cost and you can tell when you see one of those jobs ...
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Commercial Roofing

Farrell Roofing’s design and engineering team regularly provides assistance to, General Contractors, Property Management Companies, Architects, Investment Groups, and building owners  with a wide variety of options and associated cost / benefit analysis to help determine the best fit for your project, be it retrofit or new construction.
We also can provide information on Cost Segregation Studies for Retrofit applications typically on large projects that can serve as tax write offs under Capital Expenditures on their Federal Income Tax often providing the financial benefit of covering a large portion of the cost of a re roof. Cost Segregation Studies often overlooked or not recognized as applicable have proven to serve Commercial Real Estate Investors and Building Owners substantial benefits economically.


  • Built Up Roofing / Modified: We are proficient in hot mopped, torched down, and cold process applications. Our certifications as Warranty Applicators by almost every major material manufacturer allow us to provide roof systems with long term warranties backed by publicly traded companies to best protect your investment.
  • Single Ply: The fastest growing sector of the low sloped roof industry for over 15 years. We offer design solutions from tapered system layouts, and value engineered solutions to improve both your bottom line (reducing your true on the roof cost), and your total systems performance.
  • EPDM: Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, manufactured into rolls of various widths and lengths for application. This rubber like material can be loose laid and ballasted with rock or pavers to hold the membrane in place. It can also be fully adhered or mechanically attached as well. Originally manufactured in black rolls it is now also available in white to meet Energy Code Requirements
  • PVC: Polyvinyl Chloride Sheets are manufactured into rolls, and typically mechanically fastened to a roof deck assembly. Screws and barbed seam plates are used to hold the roof membrane to the roof assembly or it can be fully adhered via many different installation processes from cold process with bonding adhesive to hot mopped with asphalt on fleeceback applications. Seams are heat welded together with a robot welder or hand welder. PVC membranes are reinforced with a fabric scrim, and available in a wide variety of colors; however most local building codes require a white membrane to meet Energy Code requirements.
  • TPO: Thermo plastic polyolefin, TPO is a single-ply roofing system of a Thermoplastic Polyolefin membrane.  They are constructed like a sandwich with the top weathering layer of polyester scrim in the middle for reinforcement and a bottom layer.  Industry experts have long recognized that the weathering layer is critical to the longevity of the roofing system because the weathering layer must withstand the punishment of UV rays, rooftop traffic, and physical damage.  TPO single ply roofing systems offer up to 62% more protection.

Benefits of TPO

In general, TPO membranes are being marketed as a product that combines the properties of EPDM and PVC, without the associated drawbacks that the latter two materials have.  In other words, they are supposed to be as UV-resistant and as heat resistant as EPDM, and as heat weldable as PVC.

The smooth surface resist dirt pick-up and biological growth compared to other thermoplastic membranes.

TPO membranes carry an Energy Star rating having exceeded city of Houston reflectivity code guidelines based upon solar reflectance and thermal emittance. Energy Star compliant membranes with their high cool roof ratings help reduce the amount of energy required to maintain cool building environments, and thus lengthen the lifecycle of A/C units by producing less of a work load.


  • Superior puncture resistance
  • Resistance to heat and UV degradation
  • Resistant to many chemicals
  • Durability
  • Minimum 10 year manufacturers warranty
  • Up to 30 year no dollar limit no leak warranty, as well as no puncture warranties available
  • Miami / Dade County Windstorm approved rating
  • Easily repairable / low maintenance cost / low life cycle cost
  • No external plasticizers added
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • Utility savings
  • Since 1995, TPO roofing systems have fueled nearly all of the growth in single ply roofing sector of the low sloped roofing industry.  Architects and owners alike have learned of TPO’s superior weatherability and exceptionally reliable heat welded seams.
  • Toppings, Ballast Systems, Pavers, and Roof Gardens: Some of the roof systems above can have toppings added for aesthetic reasons, such as a Roof Garden System – which is an actual garden above the roof system.  Also where applicable Ballasted Systems as Gravel Laid over the roof, or applied with a flood coat of hot asphalt. Paver systems installed over roof systems significantly raise the wind uplift rating of the roof system while adding aesthetic benefits and enabling foot traffic for a variety of purposes. Also, toppings serve to protect the roof membrane from damage, Ultra Violet Light and general abuse.
Tile and Slate Roof Systems: We install all types of tile and slate roofing, from actual clay tiles, pressurized concrete tiles, metal tiles – tiles manufactured from metal to simulate the look of real tile while decreasing the weight load on the roof substantially and adding durability, imported ceramic coated clay tiles, quarried slate, to simulated slate, we will gladly assist you in providing multiple options to meet your needs and wants with a primary focus on economics and total system performance as all tile roof systems properly installed are considered a lifetime roof system.

Metal Roof Systems and Metal Fabrication: From our metal shop to our installation crews we install all types of metal roofs, R panel, U Panel, and all types of Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems, be it a snap lock panel, or a hand crimped panel system. We also fabricate and install all roof related metal components, including: edge metal, pitch pans, expansion joints, stainless steel receivers, parapet coping metal, and any other metal component your roof system or project may require.
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