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Steve I want to thank you and your crew for the outstanding job you did on replacing our roof in Largo. Not only did you complete the job in a timely manner, all of your employees were courteous, kept our property clean and truly looked like they were proud of there work. Many roofing companies today hire day labor etc to cut cost and you can tell when you see one of those jobs ...
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Farrell Roofing

The Farrell Roofing Advantage

The Signature Farrell Roof

Whether it’s a residential or commercial installation; a shingle, tile, metal or flat roof; or a large or small job, our Farrell Roofing, Inc.’s Signature Roofs emphasize multifaceted preparations prior to the application of the selected roof covering:

  1. We remove and dispose of the existing roof, right down to the roof deck. Waste materials are loaded directly into rolling stock, rather than drop boxes, to minimize property damage, and the materials are transported to approved receiving facilities that emphasize recycling.
  2. We inspect the roof deck, soffit, fascia, penetrations, flashing, and junctions for integrity and develop a plan to correct any deficiencies.
  3. We correct deficiencies, which may include replacement of deteriorated wood decking, soffit, fascia, trusses, and other substrata that could affect fastener and wind uplift strength. As well, we inspect flashing at skylights, roof-to-wall connections, roof-to-roof connections, and roof-to-appliance connections for deficiencies and correct them.
  4. We renail the wood roof deck with 8d ring shank nails (no staples are utilized) in a pattern prescribed by state and local codes. For non-wood roof decks, fasteners will be to manufacturers’ specifications or construction codes, whichever is greater.
  5. We install all-new plumbing vent boots and new air vent caps, replace roof ventilation, and install pitch pans around electric service poles as well as new valley metal and perimeter eve drip metal.
  6. We reinforce all roof penetrations and valleys and seal the drip edge.
  7. We install the base underlayment over the entire roof field. A base underlayment can otherwise be known as tar paper, felt, or a secondary water-barrier. The type of underlayment used is to code dictated by the roof slope. A secondary water barrier remains an upgrade option by the roof owner.
  8. We install the customer-selected final overlayment. The final overlayment may be Shingle, Concrete Tile, Clay Tile, Metal Panels, Metal Tile, Torch or Mop-Grade Modified Bitumen or another similar flat-roof applied product. All final overlayments will be installed to manufacturers’ specifications or to state and local codes, whichever is greater.
  9. We consider the specifics of your roofing needs during installation. Farrell Roofing, Inc. has the experience and prerequisite knowledge to ensure every component is integrated into the complete roof system, including:
    • A/C Appliances
    • Solar Collectors
    • Cooling Towers
    • Satellite Dishes
    • Skylights
    • Sol-a-Tubes
    • Mansard Attachments
    • Parapet Walls
    • Access Hatches and all the associated Mounting Brackets
    • Flashing
    • Counter Flashing
    • Electrical and Plumbing Conduit
    • Roof Drains
    • Scupper Ports

The Roofing Environment

Worker safety

Worker safety is our Number One priority Farrell Roofing, Inc.. The physical exertion required for the job combined with the varying heights, slopes, and exposure to ambient weather conditions create a unique work environment for roofers. We help keep our workers safe by the following:
  • Management conducts routine tailgate site-safety meetings.
  • OSHA safety guidelines are required reading for all employees.
  • Client safety
Farrell Roofing, Inc.’s site-safety program extends beyond our employees to include:
  • The home owners, their children, and their pets,
  • Business owners, their customers, and their employees
  • Exterior appliances
  • Landscaping
  • Pools and pool enclosures
  • Window and doors

Stopping Damage Before it Happens

We survey the job site for areas that are vulnerable to being damaged from fugitive sliding materials and tools:
  • Plywood is placed in front of garage doors or windows subject to possible kickback.
  • Sensitive landscape or exterior appliances are protected with tarpaulins or plastic sheeting.
  • Pools or ponds may be fully or partially covered.

Keeping The Site Clean

Cleanup begins at project initiation and continues through to completion. Farrell Roofing
Company Florida pays special attention to errant nails and metal waste. Our workers utilize both hand-held and rolling industrial magnets to extract metallic debris from around bushes, shrubs, lawns, and flowerbeds and are especially sensitive to homes with children and pets.

Our Credentials

It’s important to us to be responsible members of our industry and our community. Farrell Roofing, Inc. is a name you can trust:
  • Angie’s List Contractor
  • Florida Licensed Roofer #CCC1327707
  • GAF Certified Contractor
  • Liability Insurance (forwarded upon request)
  • Member of Better Business Bureau
  • Member of City of Port Richey Rotary Club
  • Member of Florida Roofers & Sheet Metal Association (FRSA)
  • My Safe Florida Contractor #13820
  • Over 32 Years’ Collective Roof Management Experience in Tampa Bay
  • Participant in Habitat for Humanity
  • Workers’ Compensation (forwarded upon request)
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